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Emily Crystal, who began her career as an amateur model alongside her studies, had a breathtaking career in a very short time.

After a very short time, numerous international agencies became aware of them. In 2020 she signed a contract with one of the most important agencies in the Adult industry and now works internationally for important adult film productions. 

Their website but also their social media channels are visited several thousand times a day.

If you want to make your product or service known internationally, use the name and reach of Emilie Crystal's various channels.

Media data from Emelie Crystal (01/2021)


Reach per Month

Current followers

Visitors/Main target group  (Average values) 


Reach > 124.000 

> 13.200

78% Male 25 - 45 years


Reach 170.500

> 16.600

81% Male 19 - 35 years


13.950 Visits

Not relevant

no data

My Dirty Hobby

Reach 325.500


97% Male / 3% Female


Visit/Reach 630.950

+/- 35.600

85,3% Male / 17% Female

For more detailed information, please contact us. Websites like: Only Fans, XHamster Live, Pornhup etc. were not included in the calculation.

I will advertise you and your product. From product placement in social media postings to mentioning your products or discounts in postings, films or other areas such as interviews or appearances.

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