Actress vs. prostitute

I keep getting questions about whether I have private sex meetings. NO! 

I will not do that! Why?

Because I'm not a prostitute, but an actress.
I not only play different roles according to the specifications of a producer, photographer or author, but it is not uncommon for me to be creative myself and think about how it could work, what I show and how I present myself, days before a shoot or shoot. In which poses to which, but also the background I think about light and colors in the clip. To then make my created work available to my audience.

I watch films by Andrew Blake or Michael Ninn. Yes, and I don't leave museums and exhibitions in the area of porn art and erotic art unattended. Museums such as the Museé dOrsay or the Louvre in Paris are visited several times a year. The question inevitably arises ...

... is pornography art?

The question is actually nonsense. But the question often arises again and again from slightly retarded brains. In the United States, this question was decided by the highest judge ages ago. Pornography is ART!

I think this was one of the cases in which the US Supreme Court and Düsseldorf art professor Joseph Beuys once agreed.

By definition, "performing arts" is an umbrella term for all forms of art whose works are based on ephemeral performances or representations.

The concept of art in the narrower sense in turn includes the results of targeted human activity that are not clearly defined by functions. Art is a human cultural product, the result of a creative process.

The relevant films, photos, pictures, books of the porn industry do indeed represent the results of creative processes. Nobody demands a design level that is similar to Beethoven's creative achievement. Their functionality is determined exclusively by the audience, not by the artist himself

  • Yes, pornography is art. Last confirmed in 2015 by the "Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City"
  • Not everyone has to like art. She never does. No art has the right either
  • Art can be a nuisance. She often does, and it is not uncommon for artists to want this
  • But it can also change perspectives and behaviors.It can initiate discussions. The talk shows on TV are proof of that.
  • Art can change a society. She has proven that many times

Not just different places of work ..... actress vs. prostitute


So it makes a big difference whether I play a role, come to Sed and get my make-up, contracts have been exchanged in advance, my hair is styled and I can freely accept and reject any order as I feel like, by a management represented and also part of the whole "project".

Or whether I'm standing on the side of the road or waiting for a client in the hotel room and having to endure sexual acts and then having to endure the next client a short time later without an audience, without a script, without publication or with a great team behind me, and that mostly miserable working conditions.

I appreciate the work of the prostitutes. Please do not get this wrong. But this job cannot be compared to the job of an actress.

The separation is very easy for me, and it is actually quite simple ..... admittedly, the separation is not so easy for some. You don't always want to understand the difference.

But no fear. I help ...

Emelie Crystal